The exotic and stunning wildlife of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands is the star of the show in our photographic exhibit "God's Magnificent Galapagos Islands". Bernard L. Green, Ph.D., is the photographer, and images were edited by Jonathan Green. Music licensed by EddieHoncha, VictorMusic and Breeze_Music on AudioJungle.com

As of January 2023 we proudly announce our latest photographic exhibit, entitled "God's Majestic Works, Man's Beautiful Architecture." It features photos of stunning architecture, and God's magnificent creations. All photography is by Bernard L. Green, Ph.D., edited by Jonathan Green, and music licensed by EddieHoncha and Breeze_Music..

We are proud to announce our latest photographic exhibit, entitled "Man's Constructions, God's Creations." It features photos of stunning architecture, interesting cultural practices, and God's magnificent creations. All photography is by Bernard L. Green, Ph.D., edited by Jonathan Green, and music by EddieHoncha.

You are also invited to view "God’s Wonderful Garden", our previous photographic show on YouTube, featuring scenes of great beauty and uplifting music, designed to usher in joy, serenity, and a sense of gratitude. The photography was taken by Bernard L. Green, Ph.D., edited by Jonathan Green, with music by VIKTOR PENKOVSKYI


The aim of this presentation, entitled “God‘s Wonderful Garden“, is twofold. First, the purpose is to present photographs in the hope that in a small way, they will reflect some of the magnificent beauty inherent in God’s creations. When I view God’s beautiful scenery and contemplate His majestic handiwork, I feel a sense of awe and think of His wisdom and power. This has been the case whether observing thundering ocean waves, or simply viewing the silent alighting of a beautiful butterfly on a fragile flower. These experiences have generated within me joy, love and reverence for God, while also conveying a feeling of hope. Little wonder that the great Hebrew scholar Rambam, highlighted the study of nature as being the “preferred way“ of coming to love God. Second, by ensuring these photos are accompanied by calming music, it is believed they will usher in serenity and a sense of gratitude, while promoting a general feeling of well-being.

Most of all, this presentation is intended for the sick, the elderly and people with disabilities, especially those in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living.

Scientific research has shown that being out in nature, or viewing pictures of nature while indoors, conveys considerable cognitive, affective and motivational benefits. Apart from the joy it brings, it can, for example, bolster one’s immune system, reduce depression, facilitate relaxation and enhance quality of life.

To conclude, my late father was a professional photographer who shared with me the enthusiasm and love he had for his work, and as a teenager, I embraced photography as a hobby. Over the years, having worked in two hospitals for 37 years as a clinical psychologist, and having observed the positive reactions of patients and staff to pictures of scenery hanging on the walls, I’ve become increasingly aware of how photography enriches our lives. It enables us to capture and document the beauty and wondrous works of our Creator in endless ways. It helps us to express our personal vision regarding humanity, while also helping us to relax and better enjoy our free time. Above all, it provides visual therapy to those who need it most, while concomitantly highlighting the vital need to do all we can to protect our environment and conserve our resources.

Bernard L. Green, Ph.D

Bernard L.Green


“This is the day which the Lord hath made;
let us be glad and rejoice therein.” - Psalm 118:24


Having looked at a minuscule sampling of God’s handiwork, I cannot help but be struck with wonder at the beauty and vastness of His glorious creations. Like my forefathers, I feel the need to acknowledge God’s infinite power and unending creativity, while also expressing heartfelt gratitude for all that He has bestowed upon us. And finally, how can one not feel joy as well as the need to bless Him and praise Him? Some of my favorite Psalms which address these matters are as follows:

Psalm 8: 4-5
4 When I see Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars that You have established,

5 what is man that You should remember him, and the son of man that You should be mindful of him?

Psalm 145: 1-6
1 A praise of David. I shall exalt You, my God the King, and I shall bless Your name forever and ever.

2 Every day I shall bless You, and I shall praise Your name forever and ever.

3 The Lord is great and very much praised, and His greatness cannot be searched.

4 Generation to generation will praise Your works, and they will recite Your mighty deeds.

5 Of the majesty of the glory of Your splendor and the words of Your wonders I shall speak.

6 And the strength of Your awesome deeds they will tell, and Your greatness I shall sing.

Psalm 19: 1-3
1 For the conductor, a song of David.

2 The heavens recite the glory of God, and the sky tells of the work of His hands.

3 Day to day utters speech, and night to night tells knowledge.

Psalm 95: 3-5
3 For the Lord is a great God and a great King over all divine powers.

4 In Whose hand are the depths of the earth, and the heights of the mountains are His.

5 For the sea is His, He made it, and His hands formed the dry land.